The big science popularization of decoration cold knowledge is here, if you have a mother at home, please write it down!

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The greatest happiness in the world is that there are fireworks in the kitchen and warmth in the home. Although the world is vast and boundless, happiness can touch the edge. Every day we spend with our family is warm and reassuring for us. Whenever I think of being able to spend the rest of my life with my parents, lover, and children, the corners of my mouth can't stop rising.

The greatest happiness in the world is that there are fireworks in the kitchen and warmth in the home. Although the world is vast and boundless, happiness can touch the edge. Every day we spend with our family is warm and reassuring for us. Whenever I think of being able to spend the rest of my life with my parents, lover, and children, the corners of my mouth can't stop rising.

Building a home of your own is everyone's dream. In the process of making a home, we always encounter more or less problems, so how much do you know about decoration? Will there be a lot of confusion in the process? Next, I will popularize the cold knowledge in decoration for everyone. Families with mothers at home, or families who are about to get pregnant must keep these points in mind!!!

1. Changing a new home does not add new population

The arrival of a new life is a great happiness for every family. At the moment the child is born, the couple has an additional identity, that is, parents. Children are every parent's weakness and darling. Therefore, for the sake of children's life, health and safety, families with mothers or those who are planning to conceive must know. It is best not to make pregnancy plans and plans within one year of moving to a new home. Newly renovated houses may release excessive formaldehyde. This can also lead to miscarriage or deformity of the child. In general, live in a new house after one year of decoration. If you urgently want to have a new life, it is best to leave the environment of the new house and live in the old house or your parents' house to keep your body in the best condition.

2. Don’t install a house when it’s cold

In winter, every family always gathers around a table, turns on the heating, watches TV in harmony, kowtows melon seeds, and chats. Not only the temperature at home is warm, but also the heart is warm. But I don't think so when I finish my new home in winter. Due to the low temperature in winter, not only the effect of paint will be affected to a certain extent, but also the volatilization of harmful gases will be promoted after the heating is turned on. It will cause great damage to the body. Health is the foundation of everything. Only with health can we have the confidence to talk about ideals and the future.

3. Radiation protection is in place

Families with children, it is best not to lay tiles when decorating children's rooms and bedrooms. Although most of the tiles are fired at high temperatures, most of the radiant substances will have the ability to radiate at high temperatures, but we are choosing When buying tiles, try not to choose dark tiles. The darker the tiles are, the more radioactive they will be. If you want to be more assured, you can choose tiles with radioactive inspection reports.

4. Activated carbon has many uses

Activated carbon is prepared by pyrolysis and activation of carbon-containing raw materials such as wood, coal and petroleum coke. So what is the role it plays in home decoration?

During decoration, an appropriate amount of activated carbon can be placed under the wooden floor, which can not only absorb harmful gases, but also prevent the wooden floor from getting damp and prevent the wooden floor from warping. For families with children, this undoubtedly protects the safety of children more. As a commonly used purification material, activated carbon also plays a role that cannot be underestimated in home decoration.

5. The best distance from range hood

The range hood is one of the essential appliances in the kitchen, and its installation distance is also very particular. Some friends often say that the height of the range hood is installed wrong, which leads to physical and mental breakdown every time they cook over the years. So what is the point of installing the range hood at a high level?

The installation of the range hood is very simple. Most families directly ask the installer to install it at home, but for us as users, it is best to measure its installation position and height when installing the range hood to avoid later stages. usage problems. Of course, different styles also have their own different optimal distances, for example, the Chinese style distance is best at 65cm-75cm. The distance between European-style range hoods is best at 65cm-75cm. The top suction distance is best at 70cm-75cm. The best side suction distance is 35cm-40cm. Therefore, when installing range hoods, we must measure the best distance according to different types, and make delicious dishes with a perfect kitchen.

6. Floor drain selection is very important

Every family has a floor drain, but after some families have used it for a period of time, the floor drain has a bad smell. What should we do to avoid this phenomenon?

Floor drains are relatively easy to spread harmful gases. When choosing a floor drain, we'd better choose a floor drain with a water seal larger than 5cm. The height of the water seal is not the height of the floor drain, nor the height of the floor drain core, but the floor drain core is placed in the floor drain , the height that can be in the water is deodorant only if the height in the water is greater than 5cm, so we must keep our eyes open when choosing to avoid stepping on the pit.

7. Remember that furniture should be edge banded

Why does everyone say that the purchased furniture needs to be edge-banded?

One is to make the furniture more beautiful. After the edge banding of the furniture, the internal structure and material cannot be seen from the side, and the material used for the edge banding is generally the same color as the furniture, which is good news for patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder!! The second is to Make the board stronger. When sealing the edge, the furniture and the edge banding are bonded with a special adhesive, which is equivalent to adding another layer of protection to the furniture. The third is to protect the furniture from corrosion. Most of the wooden furniture is easy to be damp and unglued after being used for a period of time, but if we seal the edge, it will prevent the furniture from getting damp to a certain extent, and greatly increase the use time of the furniture. Finally, the most important point. Now a lot of furniture will release formaldehyde, especially some furniture with low environmental protection level, so the content of formaldehyde will be higher after the new home is completed. Then it is necessary to seal the edge of solid wood furniture, so that the emission of formaldehyde can be reduced to a certain extent, and the living can be more at ease.

8. Put more green plants after decoration

Everyone will have a different answer to the question of how long it will take to move in after decoration, because the decoration materials used in each family are different, and the environmental protection level of each material is also different, so the release of formaldehyde and other harmful substances is also different. In the same way, what should I do if I want to quickly solve the problem of formaldehyde after decoration?

First of all, the easiest way is to open the windows to ventilate. It is best to spend a summer. The temperature in summer is high, and harmful substances such as formaldehyde will be released faster in high temperature weather. Secondly, put a lot of green plants, such as Chlorophytum, Aloe Vera, Pollen and other plants, which not only bring the greenness of nature to the home, embellish the new home, but also solve the problem of clean air and absorb formaldehyde to a certain extent.

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